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Time to have your Charlotte Furnace Repair Completed

Have your Charlotte furnace repair completed before the frigid air arrives so you can stay warm and toasty all winter long.

As home owners, we quite often forget to have the furnaces checked before the frigid, artic air rolls in. Then, as Murphy’s Law would have it, on the coldest night of the year, the furnace goes out. Spending the night shivering, wrapped in blankets waiting for the repairman to arrive is no fun. If only we had remembered to have the furnace checked before the cold air arrived.


Furnace Tips for the Fall in Charlotte NC

With the wintry mix days approaching, now is a good time to make sure that your furnace can withstand even the coldest temperatures of the year. At Patterson Heating and Air, you will receive expert advice, quality care and exceptional service for your furnace in the Charlotte, NC area. To boost your furnace’s health for the upcoming winter season, follow these helpful tips:

Tip #1 – Change your filters regularly.

Take a look at your filter every 30 days and see if it looks darker or has a lot of dust collected on it. If it is pretty clean, you can wait another 30 days, but make sure to change it at least every 60-90 days for optimum air quality.

Protect Your Charlotte Home or Business from a Furnace Fire

Inspecting your chimney and fireplace for the winter is a good place to start. Look for any obvious signs of damage. Next, make sure that you have a plan for your furnace inspection in Charlotte. October and early November are perfect times to fire up your furnace and keep your windows open to perform safety checks. A combination of do-it-yourself advice from FEMA and keeping routine maintenance for your furnace a priority, you will enjoy a safe and warm winter season. Don’t wait for problems to come up that could lead to potential furnace fires. It’s time to address small issues that could become extremely dangerous later on.

Charlotte Furnace Inspections Are Necessary

You visit the doctor annually, because preventative care is recommended. It is also well-advised to have a professional inspection of your furnace in Charlotte every year. Skipping a year of maintenance could cause future problems later on. It is necessary to hire a professional technician who is certified in HVAC systems to conduct a furnace tune-up in the Charlotte area. Why are annual furnace inspections by a professional preferred over do-it-yourself inspections?