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Heating and Air in Charlotte, NC: Four Tips To Keep Your HVAC Unit Running Smoothly This Spring

It’s hard to believe that spring is just around the corner. Now is the time to contact your favorite experts on HVAC in Charlotte, NC, to conduct a service check on your home’s air conditioner. No one wants a surprise when flipping on the AC switch, and the last thing you want is to spend the rest of spring all the way to summer without decent air conditioning.

1. Replace the filters – While filters are the easiest part of maintaining your heating and cooling system, they are often forgotten and neglected. Start fresh with new filters and make it a routine to regularly check filters. Even reusable filters need a good rinse. If you are not sure how often to change filters, schedule a monthly filter check and then mark your calendar accordingly.


Charlotte, NC Heating and Air: Why Have your HVAC Units Inspected Now

Have you noticed that, during the summer, you weren’t getting consistent cooling, yet your energy bills were skyrocketing? You might also have been bothered by some unexplainable noises coming from the unit. These are just among the surest signs that you need HVAC repair and maintenance as soon as possible.

Even without these tell-tale signs of trouble, you still need to have regular maintenance performed on your system, primarily by replacing the filters as needed. Additionally, have your system inspected by professionals to make sure all parts are still working optimally after their long hours of operation this past summer.

Heating and Air: How to Know When Your HVAC Unit Needs to Be Repaired

The HVAC unit is one of the essential components of any home or business since it is what keeps the temperature of the building in an ideal range for resident and customer comfort. Like all major types of equipment, HVAC units need to be serviced and repaired regularly to keep them operating efficiently and to extend their service life.

To avoid having smaller issues turn into catastrophic breakdowns, knowing the warning signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner can help you get the repairs you need promptly.

More Than Just Cooling, Benefits of your Air Conditioner

The average July high temperature in Charlotte, NC is 88°. Before the sweltering days of summer come, homeowners should make sure their AC unit is properly functioning and ready to keep you cool and comfortable.

Besides making your home comfortable, did you know that there are other benefits to your air conditioning system? Here are some valuable benefits you don’t want to miss out on this summer.

An efficient AC system helps keep your home comfortable

Have you found yourself tossing and turning at night trying to get comfortable? It may be your room temperature is too high. Studies show that people usually sleep better if the bedroom temperature is kept at a somewhat lower temperature than the living spaces.

Frozen AC? Call for Air Conditioning Repair in Charlotte, NC

The buildup of ice and frost is a sure indication that your air conditioner is not running properly. This could be due to reduced or no airflow and/or low refrigerant levels. Running your air conditioner in this condition can cause permanent damage. Call Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning in Charlotte for repair services.

The first thing you should do when you notice your air conditioner is frozen is to shut it off and let it defrost. There are numerous reasons why this occurs.

Combining Air Conditioning Maintenance and DIY Checks Ensures a Cool Summer

Charlotte, NC Heating and Air Conditioning Services Maintain AC Units

With the temperature rising, it’s no surprise that Charlotte, NC heating and air conditioning companies like Patterson Heating and Air Conditioning are getting busy. Here are some tips that you can do to keep your keep your air conditioner unit operating at its best during soaring hot summer temperatures.

Change the AC Unit Air Filter

Check the filter and replace if needed. A clean filter helps keep dust from accumulating on the evaporator coil fins and also enables the highest amount of cooled air to circulate in the home. A clean filter can reduce energy consumption 5- to 15-percent. Be sure to position the filter per the manufacturer’s instructions so that the filter fits properly.

Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer Days in Charlotte, NC?

Even though summer in Charlotte, NC is almost here, now is the best time to prepare your central air conditioner for the hot days ahead. Scheduling a check-up now will help prevent breakdowns when you need your AC unit working the most.

Spring Cleaning Your AC

After long winter days, most people begin to spring clean at the first signs of warmer weather. It is a good idea to include your HVAC equipment in your spring-cleaning to-do list. Your central air conditioner needs routine maintenance, cleaning, and check-ups to keep the central air conditioner running great. This is to ensure that it will not only operate at peak performance during the hot weather, but will also maintain energy efficiency that can save on your energy bills.